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Vertical with shaft


When available space is an issue

Cibes A4000 has been specially designed as an inexpensive solution for enabling easy access in private buildings.

Based on Cibes A5000, Cibes A4000 has been manufactured with the same reliable screw- and nut-driving system and delivered with its own steel shaft enclosure.

Cibes A4000 represents the best solution to improve accessibility in existing home buildings when the available space is very limited.


Suitable for existing buildings and private homes

Cibes A5000 is a platform lift that has been designed to provide an inexpensive solution for easy access in the majority of building environments: private, public and commercial.

Manufactured with a reliable screw-and-nut driving system and delivered with its own steel shaft enclosure, Cibes A5000 represents the best solution to provide increased accessibility to existing buildings.


Cibes A7000 is based on Cibes A5000 with the addition of a high back, including a mirror and a short protruding ceiling over the control panel to increase the conventional “lift feeling” and still fulfil accessibility demands in private, public and commercial environments.

Manufactured with a reliable screw-and nut-driving system and delivered with its own steel shaft enclosure, the Cibes A7000 represents another of Cibes solutions to improve accessibility for existing buildings.


Suitable for public and commercial environments

Cibes A8000 is a platform lift designed to provide an easy-access solution for buildings in the public and commercial sectors where high loads are a requirement.

Kali A3000

It is designed with passangers comfort in mind.
Suitable in situations when  door must open towards the building and/or when lifting height exceeds 3 m.